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          Boduo Group

          • OUR MISSION

            Spread the culture of made-on-site beverages and food Lead the development of the industry

          • OUR VALUE


          • OUR BUSINESS

            One-stop tea beverage ingredient supply chain Keep a foothold domestically and expand aboard Build an ecosystem for collectivized operation


          new enterprise

          We are together because we have the same mission and dream
          When chasing our dream, we experience happiness and exhilaration
          Everyday, we strive to create a future worthy of celebration

          Spread The Culture Of Made-On-Site Beverages
          With an increasing demand for fresh and personalized beverages, the culture of made-on-site beverages has been formed. We consistently innovate, break with tradition, and develop diverse combinations of various ingredients, to offer trendy and dedicate beverage choices. We focus on spreading the culture of made-on-site beverages, let customers gain wonderful made-on-site beverages experience worldwide.

          Lead The Development Of The Industry
          We are pioneers in the industry. We continuously upgrade more than 100 varieties of products, keep a foothold domestically, and expand aboard constructively, to build an unique Boduo integrated global tea beverage ingredient supply chain with distinguished quality, endeavoring to become the one who shares the largest market capacity, the most kinds of products, and the most professional product application.


          Complete organization structure forming the diversity of different teams
          Various personalities interact in Boduo to create new value
          We, as Boduo family members, follow the same belief

          Boduo Group


          Learn from whom? From our competitors, customers, and colleagues
          What to learn? To learn others’ advantages and strengths
          Great technologies, designs, products, advices, thinking and ideas, experience, strategies, etc.
          How to learn? Perceive the situation comprehensively, find out flaws and weakness
          Learn correspondingly, conscientiously, and seriously, to reach solutions, and conquer consecutively


          Care our employees with heart and soul, and implement it into action
          Be friendly to every colleague, give help genuinely
          When others face challenges, we will try our best to support them
          Guide employees to discover potentials and improve abilities
          Help employees develop and attain better paybacks
          Care our customers with heart and soul, and implement into action
          Consistently provide high-quality services and fair prices


          The competition in the market is intensive
          “survival of the fittest” is a natural law
          surviving is the premise of development, we need to stay alert
          Draw the reasonable part of “wolf culture”, gather our resources and strengths together
          Substantial collaboration, improve our competitiveness, and finally win the competition
          Win both market and respect from our competitors

          • dream is what makes you happy, when you are just trying!

          Boduo has accumulated a great amount of experience in the industry
          Focus on “learn, care, compete”
          Offer innovative and exquisite services based on customers’ needs
          Looking forward to the future
          Boduo, with a first-rate management system,
          Will become a leading company across the world

          Multi brand-operation system

          Zhejiang Boduo Holding Group was founded in 2000. After more than 20 years of growth, it has evolved into one of the largest and the most diversified F&B conglomerates in China.
          Our business covers a complete tea beverage industrial chain, including R&D, manufacturing & sales of food ingredients, F&B brand franchise operation, and business management consultation etc. Currently, we have spread our business across China. Also, we supply food ingredients and offer franchise opportunities in overseas countries and regions, including America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, etc.


          Boduo Home
          Original “Boduo Training” One-Stop Wholesale & Distribution System
          Boduo Home supplies more than 100 varieties of products, including tea, tapioca pearls, jam, juice, fruit puree, fruit flavored powder, fruit nectar, fruit flavored tea, popping boba, and non-dairy creamer etc. As Boduo Home continuously provides high-quality and safe products as well as services, including menu customization, bestseller shaping, and application training to global cooperation partners, it has won great trust and support from customers.


          My Girl
          Natural Tea Natural Youth
          Launched in 2009, It is positioned as a brand of “nature” and “youth”. My Girl strives to explore natural ingredients worldwide to produce impeccable modern tea beverages and offer trendy and dedicate tea beverage experience inspired by daily life to the young generation.
          In Cha
          Time, Let In Cha Present A Complete New Look Exploration, Let Every Cup Of Tea Be Worth Awaiting
          Being an innovative brand, “Milk tea, fruit tea, brown sugar” are its main elements. In Cha is expert in fresh tea application. Manually picked & fried and freshly boiled & brewed tea provide pure flavors: after tasting 64 varieties of tea through 278 days, tea from Taiwan presents a golden ratio in every cup of beverages.
          Aunt Zhang Milk Tea
          From The Beginning Till Now, Stay True To Ourselves From Now To The Future, Live Up To Expectations
          Specialize in “fresh & healthy ingredients” and “harmonic taste”: to innovate creative recipes, we consistently develop diverse combinations of various ingredients; to achieve better work, we bring extraordinary tea beverage experience with quality workmanship.


          Yuan Shimiaodao Yunnan Rice Noodle
          Originated From Chinese Minority Culture Bring Back Traditional Ethic Delicacies
          Launched in 2014. One bowl of rice noodles with twelve side dishes, “ten seconds”, inheriting the spirit of classic, we dedicate to apply high-tech cooking skills that allow flavor and nutrition to mix perfectly. Deliver an authentic Yunnan - southwestern China tastes with traditional but fashionable local food culture to world foodies.
          Qing Shu Malatang  (the Chinese spicy hot pot)
          Discover A Natural You Let Health Be Everlasting
          A healthy but non-conventional, classical and fresh malatang brand. Made-on-site stock is mixed with more than ten ingredients. Different choices, different natural flavors. One hot pot for one customer, freshly picked, freshly boiled, balanced food choices, authentic and original tastes.
          Brother Nai Chinese Sauerkraut Fis
          One Little Chief From The Southwest Called Brother Nai And Does Fish Right
          Make one dish a distinct brand, turning Chinese sauerkraut fish into a fast food. Brother Nai advocates balanced nutrition and healthy food choices, specializing in cooking fish. Diverse flavors satisfy the needs of modern people who live a fast-paced life. Cheerful atmosphere, cost of fast foods, but enjoyment of a high-class meal.

          The news of Boduo

          8th Sept,2015

          On August 20 to 28, 2015, Yu chairman was invited to attend the China - Spain - South Africa Business Summit forum. Chinese representatives attended the meeting on behalf of only two, and the other is Alibaba executives. The Spanish government has made a thoughtful arrangement for the visit of Yu Tong.

          14th Aug,2015

          The 19th Entrepreneurship Union Summit is successfully ended on August 14,2015 in company headquarters. The manager of the Franchising Development, Yelong Wang, presided over the summit meeting.

          At the beginning, in order to make the atmosphere more active, Mr. Wang invited six entrepreneurs to join in a game named “you give me 30 yuan, return you 100 yuan ”, which present a profound interpretation of Chinese proverb “planting a seed in spring, and graining ten thousand in autumn”.

          10th Aug,2015

          Boduo Group deployment conference about the first half of 2015 opened at 8:30 in the morning on August 8. It summed up the first half of the 2015, analyzed the situation, carried out the key work of the next 6 months, held the confidence to ensure the completion of full-year target, and promote the rapid development of company. We would work hard for creating a world-class enterprises .

          1th Aug,2015

          On the afternoon of July 30,2015,ZheJiang Holley group Xiao QiJing with more than 20 group executives visited the headquarter of Boduo Groups. They conducted a second meeting about cooperation on the overseas projects.

          8th Jul,2015

          In order to enhance the user's experience awareness, improve the company's popularity, promote the visual image conveying of Boduo Group’s enterprise culture, business philosophy and Brand building, further play the role of outreach sites and provide our clients with a better service exchange platform, we introduced a new official website for Boduo Group. The new website was launched successfully on 8th July of 2015.

          18th May,2015

          The success is spreading rapidly for the milk tea Brand of the Tea Industry leader ”The Special Bird & Chain” –My Girl. Following the success that My Girl entered in Philippine market in 2014, at the beginning of 2015, it was also successful to open the marketing in Cambodia.


          Ingredient Supply Cooperation

          Boduo utilizes its global tea beverage supply chain to reinforce its positive development Including R&D, manufacturing & sales of food ingredients, and provides one-stop ingredient purchasing experience
          International Cooperation: overseas@boduogroup.com

          Franchising Opportunities

          Boduo possesses trendy concepts, solid strengths, and 20-year experience of operation management Which enable Boduo to have a leading brand franchising capability in the industry Our sophisticated and unique brand positioning and advantageous operation platform provide entrepreneurs with detail-oriented support
          Tea Beverage Franchising: 400-672-8890
          Restaurant Franchising: 400-679-1838
          Ingredient & Equipment Purchasing: 400-017-1778


          To assort with company integral strategies, we expect multi-cooperation Achieve the largest potential of management, apply strategies effectively, and define a clear direction of development
          Multi-Cooperation: investment@boduogroup.com

          Contact Us

          Zhejiang Boduo Food Technology Co., Ltd.
          Address: No.6 Building, Landu Technology Park 5 Yaojia Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
          Post Code: 311113
          Tel: 0571-88088122
          Fax: 0571-85265639

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